How can KMR help

KMR can assess your requirement to register for the VAT including in the analysis if there are any benefits for you to register even if you are under the Mandatory Threshold.

Once we register you, we can assist you with meeting your Quarterly VAT requirements by:

       Attending to the Bookkeeping for the Company;

       Attending to the lodgment of the  Quarterly return;

       Maintaining detailed work papers of the VAT lodgements for the year to assist with the yearend reconciliations.

KMR has extensive experience in dealing with VAT/Good and Services Tax (GST) for companies and is fully aware of the complication that can result due to VAT. 

Here at KMR we believe that there is always room to improve in a business and Management Reports play a vital role in identifying the areas where changes can be made. For that purpose we prepare monthly or quarterly Management Reports for our clients as per there requirements.

KMR prides itself in being able to provide the most professional services on better than competitive rates from the market and our partnership with different Accounting Software’s allows our clients to get better deals on subscription compared to the market.

We have professional Accountants who are very well versed with the following software’s:






 KMR has been attending to the bookkeeping needs of multiple national and international organizations over the years.

Some of the industries KMR has provided bookkeeping services to are as following:




       Mineral mining;

       Non- Profit Organizations, managing schools and Hospitals;

       Services industry.

As part of our Bookkeeping services we also attended to the following for our clients:

       Management Reports as often as they required;

       Quarterly Financial Reports;

       Quarterly and monthly return filling;

       Liaising with the banks for any new service the client may require and assist in maintaining there covenants;

       Managing Trade Debtors and Creditors as per the requirement of the engagement.